Customized services

We are all following one same standard. How much do you know?

Are you familiar with requirements of CFDA on clinical trials?Do you have a profound knowledge of regulatory procedures and technical specifications?All kinds of specifications and stipulations are constantly changing and improving, but can they catch up and go with the tide?

With concentration making us more professional, we know all about the standards

Grasp key points

Rich practice experience, good communication channels, and fully understanding all key points of relevant policies.

Expert Advisor

Proficient in the policies and regulations of all links with senior industry background and rich resources.

Professional technical team

The rich operational experience of professional talents facilitates work of all kinds to center on specific standards.

Clinical experience in multiple areas

Gastroenterology, cardiology, oncology, psychiatry, endocrinology, respiratory and other areas of clinical experience.

Purpose-oriented, to interpret your demands more accurately

In combination of thorough analysis on your demands and our deep understanding of the standards, we extract the key and difficult points of the project and provide reliable support for the follow-up protocol design.

Common goal, customized project solutions

We plan better ways for realizing your demands, customize reasonable project solutions to perform time, money, and risk control, and provide reliable research services.