Equivalence Assessment

The generic drug equivalence assessment is not the application for new drug R&D registration, but re-assessment work of the already marketed drug.

It has its special process and research content, mainly including equivalence assessments of quality (pharmacy research) and efficacy (clinical research BE).

  • Unique Resources

    More than 10 record bases under exclusive cooperation agreements to support rapid implementation of project and customize research environment.

  • Support from Expert Team

    Expert Team of Pharmacy Research: National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, Shandong Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Beijing Sun-Novo Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, etc.

    Expert Team of Clinical Research:Beijing Ditan Hospital, and Beijing Xuanwu Hospital.

  • Protocol Design

    We provide featured options to ensure the scientificity and rigidity of protocol, and reduce investment and time.

  • Multidisciplinary Experience