Areas of Cooperation

  • 40 +

    There are more than 40 ongoing and finished research projects, mainly involving such departments as cardiology, oncology, respiratory, gastroenterology, and pediatrics.

  • 100 +

    We have already established good relationships with over 100 research institutes to provide even better research environment for your projects to ensure their successful implementation.

  • 10 +

    We have achieved strategic cooperation with multiple societies in the industry. We are the executive director unit among more than 10 societies, including China Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association and World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

Expert Resources

Resource of over 150 experts.

Including more than 20 chairmen, vice-chairmen, and executive members from Chinese Society of Cardiology and Chinese Thoracic Society.

over 40 professors, chief physicians, deputy chief physicians, and academic leaders.

Customized services

We provide you with more applicable choices based on your project and demand to accelerate clinical trials and improve the quality.